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Financial Difficulty

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Financial Hardship Assistance

What constitutes financial hardship? Some members of ECU may face the prospect of being in financial difficulty due to a number of circumstances such as:

  • Unemployment
  • Unexpected illness
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Inability to meet future loan and credit card payments when they fall due

By working with you, we can offer financial hardship assistance if you are faced with any of the above or similar situations.

Seeking assistance from ECU

ECU offers a number of options to its Members whose circumstances have changed which may have temporarily prevented them from making their minimum repayments on loans. If you need to alter your repayments because of a change in your circumstances, we have the flexibility to help. It is important to contact us so that we can make you aware of the options available. These options will differ depending on your circumstances and we will need to assess your particular situation.

Avoiding Financial Hardship

In some cases you can put practices in place to avoid or soften the blow of financial hardship.  There are several types of Risk Insurance which include Income Protection, Term Life, Total and Permanent Disablement and Trauma. These types of insurance can protect your financial wellbeing in the event of unforeseen circumstances. 

How to contact us

1. For further information on Financial Hardship Assistance or to discuss your circumstances please contact us on (07) 4046 8236.

2. Download our Application for Financial Assistance form and return it to us via post, fax or email.


If you have any questions, please contact us Enquire Now