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Visa payWave

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Visa cards incorporate Visa payWave, the latest in contactless payment technology. Visa payWave is designed to offer cardholders speed and convenience whilst providing all the same layers of security as any other Visa chip card, including Visa's Zero Liability.

Visa payWave, is a globally accepted contactless payment technology that delivers the benefits of speed, convenience and ease. For purchases up to $100, customers with a Visa payWave card don't have to enter a PIN or sign a receipt to authorize a transaction. Cardholders simply hold their card against a special contactless reader to wave and go.

How does it work?

Once the amount has been displayed on the terminal screen and you have confirmed it is correct, simply hold your Visa payWave card within a few centimetres of the payWave contactless terminal. When you make a purchase the funds are debited from your account as normal. When the payment has been confirmed you will hear a beep and the lights on the terminal will illuminate. You can obtain a receipt for the transaction at this point if you require one.

Where can I use Visa payWave?

Visa payWave is accepted at Australia's leading retailers, including McDonald's, 7-11, JB Hi-Fi, Bunnings and Caltex. Shopping for everyday items has never been easier with thousands of locations around the world accepting Visa payWave wherever the contactless symbol is displayed.

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