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Minimising Your Fees

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Here at ECU we are dedicated to ensuring our Members are aware of the many options available to avoid paying fees.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled some guidelines to help you keep your fees to a minimum.

Use selected ATMs to avoid Direct Charges

Members have access to one of the largest network of ATM's in Australia as part of our arrangement with Westpac. The following ATM's will not add a Direct charge to your withdrawl: Westpac, St George, BankSA, Bank of Melbourne and any ATM located at an ECU or Queensland Country Branded ATM’s.


To locate one of these ATM's you can:

Visit and use the easy ATM finder, find them on the ecuapp or contact your nearest ECU branch.

When shopping:

If you need cash, withdraw cash using EFTPOS while shopping, this avoids the need to use an ATM and saves time. If you do not require cash out, select the CR/"Credit" button on the EFTPOS machine, or use Paywave, these are free transactions.

Pay your bills electronically

Using eTeller Internet Banking, ecuapp or Telelink Telephone Banking, you have the ability to pay any bill electronically using our BPAY facility. Any BPAY transaction made on eTeller or Telelink where the "Pay Now" option is selected is free.

Use eTeller Internet Banking and Telelink Telephone Banking

Internal Transfers between your own accounts/memberships, External Transfers to other Financial Institutions and BPAYs are all free on e-Teller, ecuapp and Telelink when the "Pay Now" option is selected. You can also easily retrieve your balances from either. We recommend taking advantage of these services in any way possible.

Not registered for these services? Give us a call today on 1800 383 791 or drop into your local branch to apply.

Avoiding the Service Fee

ECU's Everyday Access and Business Access Accounts are subject to a monthly service fee of $5.00, however members are eligible for exemptions 1 & 2 below.
ECU's Access Plus Account and Mortgage Off-Set (S38 only) are subject to a monthly service fee of $6.00, however members are eligible for exemptions 2 & 3 below.

Service Fee Exemptions

Members may be eligible for an exemption from the monthly $6.00 Service Fee as stated above on one account - Access Plus or Mortgage Off-Set, not both.

1. Members with a minimum monthly credit balance of $1,000 held in the above accounts.

2. Members with a minimum monthly credit or debit balance of $30,000 held within the same membership number.

3. Members with a Home Loan package.


If you have any questions, please contact us