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About Us

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At ECU we stand for easier, fairer banking. That means providing our members with better value banking, fairer rates and fees and straight-forward advice.

Our mission is to provide quality banking services for the benefit of individuals, families and communities. We seek to be a responsible provider of financial solutions and pride ourselves on our transparency and honesty.

Delivering genuine personalised service is one of ECU’s core goals - we know our members don’t want to be treated like a number.

ECU’s members are all treated equally and our aim is to make our processes as flexible and stress-free as possible.

As a credit union ECU is owned by its members - the people who bank with us.

Every member is an equal shareholder, almost like a co-owner of the business. Profits made by the credit union come straight back to members through fairer rates and fees and improved services.

Credit Unions are based on democratic banking which means members have an equal say in electing a board of directors who focus on making fair decisions for the benefit of all members.

Operating since 1973 ECU has a deep rooted history serving Queensland’s electricity industry. ECU was born from the vision of a group of employees from the Cairns Regional Electricity Board looking to combine their financial resources for the benefit of their fellow workmates.

ECU is now open to all Australian residents. We have a branch network of 19 branches and member service centres throughout Far North and South Queensland and a member base of nearly 13,000 Australians throughout the country.

How do I become a member of ECU?

Joining ECU is fast, simple and efficient with our Online Membership Application.  Verify yourself online - no need to fill out the paperwork!

The process will take approximately 5 minutes and we will be in contact with you shortly after to finalise your account. 


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If you have any questions, please contact us enquire now